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    CCG's Concrete is a concrete contractor located in Gainesville, GA. We provide residential and commercial concrete design services to the entire area.
    Whether you need custom concrete cutting or renovations completed, our team will certainly complete the job! We also provide concrete leveling services to bring your structures back to balance.
    It does not matter what home remodeling services you need, CCG's Concrete can design and install everything from sidewalks to driveways. Contact us today for an estimate!
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Our Services

Concrete patios
Concrete Design

CCG's Concrete creates custom concrete design to accommodate your property layout. You can provide us with your own design or select from one of our existing models.

Concrete cutting
Concrete Cutting

Once your custom concrete design has been established, CCG's Concrete can provide a professional concrete cutting service to bring it to life. We can also carve concrete slabs and pads.

Concrete 2
Concrete Leveling

If your concrete structures have gotten unstable, CCG's Concrete can provide a concrete leveling service to bring them back to balance. Contact CCG's Concrete today for a consultation and estimate.

Concrete driveway
Home Remodeling

In addition to our multiple concrete services, CCG's Concrete provides home remodeling services as well. We can customize your renovations to bring your architectural and interior design up to date.


One of the most significant parts of concrete work includes footing for your foundation. Typically, footing incorporates rebar reinforcements that is poured into trenches that are excavated. Such footing is designed to support your property's foundation.


Call CCG's Concrete today and let us help keep your sidewalks dry and free of cracks. We’ll come to your home and quickly asses the problem your sidewalk has and get to work on it. Whether you want new concrete for your sidewalks or new walkways installed, we're more than up to the task.

Concrete driveways

Driveways are a crucial aspect of any home or commercial property. What would your home be without a smooth, solid driveway to pull your car into? Your driveway is the welcome mat to your home or business, and as such, it requires the finesse and merit of an experienced contractor. CCG's Concrete knows that in order to ensure quality paving, someone who is experienced in driveway repair and installation is absolutely necessary. You'll find that top-notch service with our experts.

Concrete patio
Patios and Patio Additions

When it comes to our patio installation services, we want to make sure that we provide you complete assistance from start to finish. You can rest assured that your property will be safe from any damage from our work and that we will create a hassle free working environment. Our flooring services are here to ensure that your patio is being laid out evenly and correctly in regards to your project. Although it may not seem like a big undertaking, any type of flooring has to be dispersed just right. With the consistency in mind, you want to make sure that your concrete leveling and design is handled properly.

Concrete repair
Concrete Repair

Strong as it may be, concrete is still subject to wear and tear. Smoother roads can help lower your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Solid walls can ensure your home’s safety and insulation. Concrete is vital for building structure stability and walkway safety, and getting the proper cement repairs ensures the security for both residents and buildings. That’s why it is always advised to take notice of any cracks in the foundations and walkways of your property. To ensure that everything is in working order, call in the help of a reliable concrete contractor like CCG's Concrete.

Garage doors

Aprons are essential in ensuring a seamless transition for concrete slabs on a slope, whether it's around a building perimeter or in front of a garage door. If you're in need of concrete work for aprons on your property, let us handle the job for you.


We also specialize in concrete design for culvert channels to help redirect water in a neighborhood. When it comes to custom concrete design tailored to each unique environment, we take into every consideration the needed parameters and design with your needs in mind.

Engineered cement
Engineered Block Walls

Our engineered block walls are both aesthetically beautiful and sturdy walls for your landscaping and property needs. Elevate your outdoor design with specially designed concrete walls engineered for a unique flair.

Retaining walls
Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are often used to create a boundary between walkways and other landscaping features like softscapes and ponds. Softscapes include flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, and flower beds. The purpose is to lend character to your custom landscaping; create an aura, ambiance, and reflect the unique taste of the owner. Whether you want a utility wall or something more beautiful, our concrete work can help you decide what you should add to your landscape


When starting a new construction project, professional grading for your property is recommended. Grading will ensure that the ground is level so you can proceed with the next part of your concrete design. Hire CCG's Concrete for professional grading services and make sure that your property is properly made level.

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